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Resources Overview

New to OTCnet?

Check out the Getting Started and Resources Overview pages to learn more about OTCnet’s functionality.

Questions about Payment Processing tasks?

Visit the Training Overview page to navigate to the many training resources available.

Looking for help installing the OTCnet Local Bridge?

Visit the OLB Information and Resources page for general information.

Hardware Questions?

Visit the Hardware page for information about purchasing and help with OTCnet Hardware.

Accessibility Questions?

OTCnet is committed to diversity, inclusion, and accessibility in everything we do. Check out some guidance and tips on accessibility to help you navigate the OTCnet resources.

Basic Accessibility Guidance and Navigation

Narrator Keyboard Commands

JAWS for Window Keyboard Commands

Freedom Scientific JAWS Training Materials and Tutorials

All Resources:

OTCnet Contact Page:

Find contact information for the OTCnet Customer Service Team (technical assistance) and OTCnet Deployment Team (onboarding and expansion assistance) on the OTCnet Contact Page.

OTCnet General Information:

For basic questions about OTCnet explore the OTCnet FAQ and the OTCnet Glossary. Visit the OTCnet Training Webpage to learn about the training resources available. See the detailed OTCnet Holiday Schedule.

Hardware Overview Page:

Visit the hardware overview page to learn more about purchasing hardware and for help with troubleshooting or setting up a new terminal.

PIV/CAC OTCnet Linking:

Visit the PIV/CAC information page to learn more about linking your PIV/CAC credentials to OTCnet, or visit the PIV/CAC OTCnet Connection Guide for step-by-step instructions.

Introduction to Common Approach to Identity Assurance (CAIA):

Release 4.8 OTCnet Application Enhancements:


Adjustment, Correction or Reversal (ACR) Request Form(s)

Includes the OTCnet Adjustment, Correction or Reversal (ACR) Request Form(s) which should be submitted to OTCnet Customer Support at once completed.

Release Notes:

Provide technical details for OTCnet Releases.

Systems Requirements

Provides detailed information about the technical requirements needed to operate OTCnet.

Guidance on installing the Java Access Bridge

(for users who use the JAWS screen reader application)

Guidance on updating an existing OTCnet bookmark or favorite

Last modified 05/31/24