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For information on OTCnet, please contact the following teams or individuals. You can download a printable OTCnet Contact Guide.

The OTCnet Customer Service Team

The Customer Service team provides 24/7 technical assistance for locations that have been converted or onboarded to the OTCnet system

Toll free phone:
Toll phone:
DSN phone:
510-428-6824 Options 1, 3, 4
Deployment Team
The Deployment team assists each agency in the OTCnet onboarding process and in the creation or expansion of new endpoints for both deposit processing and check capture.
Phone: 703-377-5586
Security Team
The Security team is responsible for setting up all new Primary Local Security Administrators (PLSAs), authorizing Local Security Administrators (LSAs) and assisting agencies with the provisioning of new users.
Phone: 866-945-7920; option 5

Collections Information Repository (CIR)

Last modified 02/20/19