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Check Processing Hardware

In order to collect check images and information using the OTCnet Check Capture module, you’ll need to use a check scanner for each PC on which you will be using OTCnet.

There are two types of scanners: a single check scanner and a batch scanner.

For more detailed information on which scanners are compatible with OTCnet, please refer to the OTCnet System Requirements and the OTCnet Hardware Overview.

Two Methods to Order Check Scanners

Method 1: Complete an Interagency Agreement (IAA) form to transfer funding for hardware from your agency to Treasury/Bureau of the Fiscal Service, and have the Treasury OTC Deployment Team purchase the hardware on your behalf.

Method 2: Use your agency purchase card to buy the hardware directly from a vendor. Please contact the OTCnet Deployment team for more details at

Scanner Drivers (Firmware)

The drivers required for the check scanners to connect with OTCnet are packaged within the OTCnet Firmware. When the OTCnet Firmware is installed on a workstation, the scanner drivers are automatically installed on the machine. Note that the OTCnet Firmware must be downloaded from within OTCnet by a Check Capture Administrator. (See Web-Based Training Module 7.1)

As a best practice, it is recommended that the scanner be disconnected from the computer during installation of the OTCnet firmware.

Card Processing Hardware

OTCnet offers an integrated solution method (credit, debit, and Visa/Mastercard gift card payment) that incorporates the current Card Acquiring Service (CAS) process. The current model for OTCnet card processing is the Verifone M440. Please visit the Card Processing page or contact the OTCnet Deployment Team for further information.

Hardware Resources

Contact Information

To learn more about OTCnet hardware, or for help with ordering, please e-mail or call the Deployment Team at 703-377-5586 or e-mail

Last modified 05/29/24