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Getting Started with OTCnet

OTCnet offers agencies an all-in-one, customizable platform to manage multiple payment methods including check, currency depositing and card processing within one web-based application.

Deposit Processing:

Automate reporting and management of multiple deposit types within a single application. Learn more about Deposit Processing for agencies and Financial institutions at the following link: Get started with Deposit Processing.

  U.S. Currency

  Foreign Checks

  Foreign Currency

Check Processing:

Convert personal and non-personal U.S. paper checks to electronic debits anytime, anywhere, for presentment in an online or offline mode. Get started with Check Processing.

  Personal Checks

  Non-Personal Checks

Card Processing:

Enhance customer experience by providing card processing functionality within the same platform as check and cash deposits. Get started with Card Processing.

  Credit Card Payments

  Debit Card Payments

  Visa or Mastercard Gift Cards

OTC Kiosk:

A new self-service offering designed to further streamline agency over-the-counter collections by allowing customers flexibility in how, where, and when they pay. Get started with the OTC Kiosk.

  Deposit Processing

  Check Processing

  Card Processing

OTC Client Web Method Specification:

Configure agency Point of Sale (POS) or backend systems to sync directly with OTCnet. Enhance the customer experience by developing a customized interface for streamlining agency collections. Get started with the Client Web Method Specification process by contacting the OTCnet Customer Support Team at

  Deposit Processing

  Check Processing

  Card Processing

OTCnet Training

We recommend that you complete OTCnet self-paced, web-based training prior to using the system and making your first deposit in OTCnet. WBT is recommended for all OTCnet users. You do not need a username or password to access the training.

The OTCnet Team will work closely with agencies to ensure your enrollment in OTCnet is a success. If you have questions or need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Last modified 04/01/20