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Debt Management

Managing Federal Receivables

The purpose of "Managing Federal Receivables," is to provide Federal agencies with a general overview of standards, guidelines, and procedures for the successful management of Federal activities ranging from the extension of credit or financial assistance to closing-out uncollectible debts. Agency personnel who manage Federal credit programs and accounts receivable should also familiarize themselves with the laws, regulations, policies and procedures specific to their agency’s programs.

Agencies should use the parts of these guidelines which pertain to their credit management and debt collection activities and types of debt. The appendices include various checklists, documents and the appropriate references to assist agencies in managing their credit and debt collection activities. A glossary of relevant terms is also included at the end of the document.

Complete Guide PDF

Chapter Downloads

Table of Contents
Table of Contents PDF
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 1 PDF
Chapter 2: Budget & Legislative Policy for Credit Programs
Chapter 2 PDF
Chapter 3: Credit Extension
Chapter 3 PDF
Chapter 4: Account Servicing
Chapter 4 PDF
Chapter 5: Management of Guaranteed Lenders and Servicers

Chapter 5 PDF
Chapter 6: Delinquent Debt Transparency
Updated March 2015 to reflect reporting changes required by the Digital Accountability and Transparency Act.
Chapter 6 PDF
Chapter 7: Termination of Collection Action, Write-off and Close-out/Cancellation of Indebtedness
Updated March 2015.
Chapter 7 PDF or see Chapter 7 Tutorials
Chapter 8: Portfolio Sales
Chapter 8 PDF
Appendix 1: Credit Bureau Report Key
Updated March 2015.
Appendix 1 PDF
Appendix 2: Credit Extension/Servicing Checklist
Updated March 2015.
Appendix 2 PDF
Appendix 3: Early Financial Warning Signs
Updated March 2015.
Appendix 3 PDF
Appendix 4: Debt Collection Statutes and Websites
Updated March 2015.
Appendix 4 PDF
Appendix 5: Debt Collection Strategies
Updated March 2015.
Appendix 5 PDF
Appendix 6: Documentation of Collection Activities
Updated March 2015.
Appendix 6 PDF
Appendix 7: Sample List of Appropriate Debt Collection Practices
Updated March 2015.
Appendix 7 PDF
Appendix 8: Demand Letter Checklist
Updated March 2015.
Appendix 8 PDF
Appendix 9: Sample Financial Statement
Updated March 2015.
Appendix 9 PDF
Appendix 10: Handling the Department of Justice’s 3% Fee
Updated March 2015.
Appendix 10 PDF
Updated March 2015.

Glossary PDF

Chapter 7 Tutorials

Part I: Overview
Part I PPS
Part II: Termination
Part III: Write-Off
Part IV: Discharge of Indebtedness
Part V: Questions & Answers
Part V PPS
Termination Write-Off Chart
Download Termination Write-Off Chart PDF

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