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Resources for Payers

Along with an invoice (bill), CRS provides you with a notice of your rights. If payment is not made during the time frame stated on the invoice, it may accrue interest and penalties, and Treasury may take action to collect your debt, including referring it to a third-party collector, offsetting your tax refund, or garnishing your wages. CRS wants to help you satisfy the bill before any of these actions occur. Please review your invoice to see what payment options are available to you.

Making Online Payments

The options for making a payment vary by agency and can be found with your Invoice or Past Due Notice on the page titled "Payment Options."

If one of your options is payment by internet, individuals and businesses can make secure, online payments using From here, select the appropriate payment form by using the "Search" feature to enter the unique form number noted on the "Payment Options" page of your Invoice or Past Due Notice.

If you cannot locate this or have questions, please call our customer service department at the phone number found on your Invoice or Past Due Notice.

Make Debt Payments Online

Has Treasury contacted you about a nontax debt you owe? You can make a secure payment through PayPal or automatic debit using the * website. is a secure method hosted by Treasury's Fiscal Service.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not use this link to make student loan payments. For information on resolving student loans please visit our Federal Student Loans page.

Make a Payment

Now Accepting PayPal

* is a secure, web-based, government-wide collection portal that allows customers to access their accounts from any computer with Internet access. Find more information on


Authorization for Release of Information

The purpose of this form is to give a third party authorization to discuss client information.

Authorization for Release of Information
Autorización para divulgar Información

CRS Dispute Form

If you object to the invoice you received, your dispute must be in writing, signed, and delivered as indicated on the CRS Dispute Form. Supporting documentation is strongly encouraged as your objection(s) will be considered based on the information you provide with the form. This dispute form will NOT half interest and penalty assessment (if applicable) on your invoice(s).

CRS Dispute Form

Financial Statement of Debtor

To enter into an installment agreement, you must demonstrate financial need by completing the financial statement form.

Before submitting this form, we highly recommend that you call our Customer Service Center at the phone number indicated on your Invoice or Past Due Notice. They can help explain the process and run some quick calculations for you. Please use our Customer Service Center phone number indicated on your letters.

Fax the completed financial statement for review to:

Or mail the completed financial statement for review to:

CRS Servicing
P.O. Box 970014
St. Louis, MO 63197

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