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Debt Management

Code of Federal Regulations

Treasury Regulations: 31 CFR Part 285- Debt Collection Authorities Under the DCIA

Section 5 of the Digital Accountability and Transparency Act of 2014 amended the Debt Collection Improvement Act of 1996 to reduce the time period in which federal agencies must notify the Secretary of the Treasury of past due, non-tax debts for the purposes of administrative offset. Fiscal Service amended its regulations to conform to this legislative change by replacing references to debts that are at least "180 days" delinquent as the notice requirement for federal agencies for administrative offset purposes with "120 days." Additional revisions were made to clarify procedures for agencies that rely on Fiscal Service to submit debts for administrative offset on their behalf through its Cross-Servicing Program.

Final Rule, October 2, 2013

Subpart A: Disbursing Official Offset

The Debt Collection Improvement Act of 1996 (DCIA), enacted on April 26, 1996, authorized the Secretary of the Treasury (Secretary) to collect past-due support by the administrative offset of federal payments. Executive Order 13019 of September 28, 1996 directed the Secretary to promptly develop and implement procedures necessary for the collection of past-due support debts by administrative offset. The Bureau of the Fiscal Service, a bureau of the Department of the Treasury, published an interim rule on July 7, 1997. This final rule adopts the interim rule with changes incorporating suggestions provided in comments on the interim rule.

Final Rule (August 28, 1998)

Section 285.1(i) of this Final Rule references a list of payment types exempt from Administrative Offset. A complete list of payments exempt from the Administrative Offset program is now available.

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Interim Rule (July 7, 1997)

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Subpart B: Authorities Other than Offset

Treasury & Justice Department Regulations

31 CFR Part 900-904

OPM Regulations

5 CFR Part 550 Pay Administration (General); Collection by Offset from Indebted Government

GAO Reports


Debt Collection: Improved Reporting Needed on Billions of Dollars in Delinquent Debt and Agency Collection Performance (June 1997)

Download GAO Report: AIMD-97-48 PDF | Download GAO Report: AIMD-97-48 TXT


Debt Collection Improvement Act: Significant Challenges Remain to Effectively Implement Treasury's Administrative Offset Program (June 1998)

Download GAO Report: AIMD-98-195 PDF

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Reports relating specifically to Child Support can be found in the Treasury Offset Program: Child Support page.

Alternatively, other GAO reports can be accessed through the GAO website.

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