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Centralized Receivables Service

Training on Centralized Receivables Service

This page is for current, active CRS Agency users.

How-to training videos of the CRS system are available for your convenience to show you how to complete certain actions within the system such as searching for a case, reviewing reports, and handling issues or disputes.

Each video is 10 minutes or less and should be viewed using an Edge or Chrome internet browser. Please e-mail the CRS Service Desk if you would like to request any of the following How-to training videos:

  1. How to Manually Enter a Case
  2. How to work tasks
  3. Viewing Cases, Invoices, & Debtors
  4. How to Add Notes to a Case
  5. How to Run Action Result Codes
  6. How to Upload & View Case Documents
  7. How to Manually Post a Payment
  8. How to View Unidentified Transactions
  9. How to Search Payments
  10. How to Work Proof of Debt (POD) Tasks
  11. How to Work Dispute Task

Last modified 01/29/24