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Bureau of the Fiscal Service
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At the Bureau of the Fiscal Service, we collect revenue, delinquent debt, and disburse funds to millions of Americans ensuring their timely receipt of benefit payments. Our easy-to-set-up direct deposit programs streamline the government benefit payment process.

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1. Why my refund, paycheck, or federal benefit payment was reduced

I have questions

My paycheck was reduced
Learn about wage garnishment

I owe child support
Child support enforcement information

I need to pay my debt
Pay my bill at

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2. Making a payment

Tax payments
Pay my taxes online at

Student loan payments
Learn how to pay student loans

Bills from the government
Pay online at

3. Managing my federal benefits or tax refund

Lost or stolen check
Learn how to report missing checks

Change personal information
Update name, address, or bank account

Direct Deposit
Sign up to receive payments electronically

Direct Express
Prepaid debt card for federal benefits

4. Financial Information, reports, and forms

Currency exchange rates

Treasury bills, notes, & savings bonds

Financial Report of U.S. Government

Your Guide to America's Finances

How much money did the federal government collect and spend in 2018?

Data Lab

Visualizations to help you understand government finance.

5. Gifts to the U.S. Government

How to make a gift to reduce the public debt

General gifts to the United States Government

All Reports & Statements

All Forms

6. Military Stored Value Cards




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