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Governmentwide Treasury Account Symbol Adjusted Trial Balance System

Bulk File Format

You submit trial balance data via bulk upload into GTAS.

There is no online functionality that allows you to enter adjusted trial balance data.

The entity must prepare the bulk file using the guidelines outlined below:

  • All text fields are left justified with trailing spaces unless otherwise specified.
  • All numeric fields are right justified with leading zeros.
  • All amounts are right justified with leading zeros, and the last two positions are assumed cents.
  • The bulk file can contain multiple accounts.
  • Component TAS is required.

Data in the bulk file will be validated upon upload to ensure accuracy. GTAS will not accept an incorrectly formatted field, an error in data, (i.e., 1006 instead of 2006), or any other anomaly that might exist.

Bulk File Format

Bulk File Format (PDF)
Bulk File Format (Excel)

Submission Process

You navigate to the bulk file upload functionality in the system to upload an adjusted trial balance file.

This screen includes a browse feature where you locate the file using basic Microsoft Windows browsing functionality. If the file is in the format listed above, the data validations will begin immediately upon upload.

The following are the different statuses for each ATB submission:

  • Blank: No data has been entered by the owner.
  • Editing: Data has been uploaded, but it has not yet passed all fatal validations and accounting edits.
  • Pending Certification: Data has passed all fatal edits.
  • Certified: Data has been certified by the appropriate role.

Last modified 01/30/23