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U.S. Standard General Ledger - the cornerstone of financial systems

The U.S. Standard General Ledger

Providing a uniform chart of accounts & technical guidance for standardizing federal agency accounting.

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This is Not the USSGL

This site provides learning and support for USSGL users. To view the USSGL directly, Use the link below.


USSGL Guidance

USSGL offers a variety of guidance resources to ensure support for specific needs, including:

Implementation Guidance

Guidance and information concerning standard accounting practices, as well as unique issues.

USSGL Meeting Materials

Agendas, Handouts, Minutes, and Voting Ballots for USSGL Issue Resolution Committee/USSGL Board Meetings.

Budget and Accrual Reconciliation Guidance

Guidance to assist federal agencies facilitate the implementation of FASAB’s SFFAS 53.

Schedule F – Budget Balance Sheet Crosswalk

Crosswalk to assist federal agencies with completing Schedule F.

Report USSGL Issue

A tool for agencies to submit current USSGL accounting issues to the USSGL staff.


USSGL Meeting Materials Current Bylaws USSGL (TFM) Archives Tie-Point Project Archive Implementation Archive BAG Archives Trust Fund Accounting Guidance Credit Reform Guidance Transfers Logic Model G-Invoicing Program Guide

Latest News & Updates

G-Invoicing Program Guide

USSGL TFM Bulletin Number 2020-15 (June 2020)

Rescinds Bulletin No. 2019-10 (June 2019)
Rescinds Bulletin No. 2019-14 (August 2019)
Rescinds Bulletin No. 2020-08 (December 2019)
Rescinds Bulletin No. 2020-10 (March 2020)

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