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The EagleCash Stored Value Card program is supported by various military, government and private sector entities, each of whom plays a specific role and who own specific responsibilities. The following identifies each of those entities and provides a brief description of their respective contributions.

U.S. Army & Air Force

Assistant Secretary of the Army for Financial Management & Comptroller (ASA(FM&C))
Sets high-level program policy and provides headquarters support.
Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Financial Operations (ASAF(FO&FM))
Sets high-level program policy and provides headquarters support.
U.S. Army Finance Command (USAFINCOM)
With ASA (FM&C) Field representative, coordinates project details with all agencies and commands (e.g., U.S. Treasury, DFAS, AAFES, FINCOM, Air Force/Army Post Office, etc.) as required on behalf of the ASA (FM&C).

Bureau of the Fiscal Service (Treasury, Fiscal Service)

A U.S. Department of the Treasury representative, the Bureau of the Fiscal Service manages and provides direction to the EagleCash Fiscal Agent for administrative, processing and customer service support.

Brigade Level Finance Command, Finance and Accounting Office, or DFAS Finance Offices
Manages the EagleCash program from a Brigade level and coordinates support and policy guidance between the Department of the Army and battalions in the field.

Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS)

Provides support related to disbursing policies and procedures; processes EagleCash transactions from field Finance Offices.

Army and Air Force Finance Offices
Issues EagleCash cards, loads/unloads value, and manages local kiosk units.
Army and Air Force Post Offices
Accepts the EagleCash card and assists in EagleCash deployments.
Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES)
Accepts the EagleCash card at all stores and sponsors acceptance of EagleCash at all OCONUS concessionaires or merchants & assists in EagleCash deployments.

Federal Reserve Bank of Boston (FRBB)

The Fiscal agent for the EagleCash program, provides settlement, reconcilement and reporting and Level 1-2 Helpdesk support via the EagleCash Customer Service Center.

Last modified 04/02/21