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Downloadable Resources

User Guides

To aid in the easy use of the EagleCash card, consult the following user guides:

EagleCash Users Guide

EagleCash™ is a Stored Value Card that replaces dollar bills and coins with secure and convenient “electronic currency”. An encrypted microchip keeps track of the available balance on the card automatically, accurately and securely.
EagleCash User Guide

Kiosk User Guide

Enroll in the EagleCash™ program at the Finance Office and access your designated U.S. checking/savings account 24 hours a day, seven days a week!
Kiosk User Guide

Refunds User Guide

This brochure explains how to find out if there is a balance on your EagleCash card and how to get a refund of that balance.
Refunds User Guide

Program Guidance – Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

This SOP provides an overview of the EZpay and EagleCash programs. It also outlines roles and responsibilities for military personnel and retail associates involved in the day-to-day administration.
Program Guidance – SOPs

Last modified 04/04/24