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An EagleCash card can provide all of your financial needs when in a deployed location.

The EagleCash card is an alternative to cash, Debit cards, credit cards, and checks.

EagleCash is a "stored value card" that serves as a cash management tool.

Funds are loaded to an EagleCash card, linked to the cardholder's personal account at a financial institution, using a self-service kiosk. Funds may be added or removed from the card at any time.

As purchases are made, the cost of the purchased items reduces the value on the card.

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Misconceptions About EagleCash

Sgt. First Class Michael Sandknop discusses the facts and debunks the myths about the EagleCash card in this informational video.

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Other Forms of Payment

A convenient electronic wallet, EagleCash replaces cash, checkbook, and credit cards with one Stored Value Card.

No Fees

EagleCash never charges cardholders a fee for use of the card.*

No Long Wait

As soon as the form is completed and signed, the Finance Office can issue an EagleCash card.

Safer than Cash

The EagleCash system always knows the card's remaining balance. If the card is lost or stolen, the amount remaining on the lost or stolen card can easily be credited to the cardholder's account.

Safer than Credit Cards

Cardholder's information- is encrypted on a chip in the card- accessible only with EagleCash equipment.

Works Offline

EagleCash does not depend on on-line connectivity to conduct transactions. EagleCash can be used at the remotest sites to provide cash services and allow cardholders access to their account.**

*EagleCash never charges you a fee. However, the cardholder's financial institution may charge a fee for non-sufficient funds.

**At some point the transactions must be transferred via the internet, but the system is not dependent on the internet to provide full service.


Using Your Card EagleCash User Guide Kiosk User Guide Refunds User Guide FS Form 2887: Individual Enrollment FS Form 2888: Accountable Official Enrollment FS Form 5752: Authorization to Disclose Information Related to Stored Value Account DD Form 577: Appointment/Termination Record- Authorized Signature Program Guidance – Standard Operating Procedures

Need Help?

877-973-8982 (Toll free from phones within the United States)

312-955-3555 (DSN Lines Overseas)

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