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Interested in Enrolling in DNP?

Federal Agencies and States interested in learning more about DNP to prevent and detect improper payments should take some time to review the documents below.

If you still would like to begin the enrollment process, please complete the Enrollment Request Form. Completing this form does not enroll you in DNP - it only begins the preliminary enrollment process. Once the information is received, it will be reviewed, and a DNP Agency Lead will contact you with next steps.

DNP Onboarding Diagram

DNP Onboarding Diagram
Fact Sheet Guides
DNP Fact Sheet DNP Onboarding Guide
DNP User Enrollment Guide
DNP Initial Questions Guide

Enrollment Request Form

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Agency Name: * Program Name: * Contact Name: * Contact Email: * Contact Phone Number: Types of payments agency makes: Describe the agency payment process: Known causes of agency improper payments: Data sources currently used by the agency to prevent improper payments: Data sources that would assist your agency to prevent improper payments:

Last modified 04/23/24