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Bureau of the Fiscal Service
Help Me Choose

Help Me Choose

The General Public

If you are an individual, you can get information in this section on why your federal benefit payment or tax refund was reduced, how to pay debt you owe the government, how to sign up for direct deposit, report a lost or stolen government check, and more.

Government Agencies

This section is for federal or state government agencies who work with the Bureau of the Fiscal Service.

Business & Institutions

 If you are an employer, business, or bank, you can get information in this section including invoicing the government, garnishing employee wages, surety bonds, doing business with the Fiscal Service, and more.

Press & Media

See Fiscal Service News and Contact Information.

Active Military

The Bureau of the Fiscal Service supports U.S. troops at home and abroad through a variety of stored value card (cash alternative) programs:

  • EagleCash, a cash replacement card for Dept. of Defense civilians or soldiers in the U.S. Army and Air Force
  • NavyCash, a cash replacement card for the U.S. Navy and Marines
  • EZpay, a cash alternative for paying new recruits

Last modified 01/31/23