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Financial Innovation & Transformation

About FIT Projects

The Financial Innovation & Transformation (FIT) team finds new ways to solve agencies’ needs for better financial management by introducing emerging trends and technologies that have not yet been widely adopted. Each project advances FIT’s mission of carrying out innovative solutions to help agencies become more efficient and transparent in federal financial management.

Featured projects

Artificial intelligence Accelerator

FIT is looking at artificial intelligence capabilities to understand its value proposition in the financial management domain.

Digital End-to-End Efficiency

FIT is developing a framework to automate and digitize the government’s end-to-end businesses processes.

Distributed Ledger Technology

FIT is looking at how blockchain might increase program control, boost efficiency, and simplify processing.

Innovation Partnership (FMIP)

FIT is collaborating with government and industry partners to explore technology innovation opportunities that have the potential to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of federal financial management.

Maturity Self-Assessment Tool

FIT developed a business tool that helps agencies assess their organization’s level of financial management discipline, effectiveness, and efficiency.

Next Generation Analytics

FIT is working with the Veterans Administration to use data analytics to reduce improper payments.

Robotic Process Automation

FIT tested automation to minimize repeatable work in 10 core financial management practices.

Treasury Financial Experience

FIT is re-imagining the delivery of federal financial management guidance.

Last modified 03/05/21