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Agency Priority Goal

Agency Priority Goal

The U.S. Department of the Treasury has committed to an Agency Priority Goal (APG) to reduce paper checks to 49 million or fewer and increase the overall Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) rate to 96.1% or greater for all Treasury-disbursed payments by the end of Fiscal Year 2021.

To reach the APG goal of reducing checks and increasing electronic payments, Fiscal Service would like to partner with federal agencies to develop electronic payment options.

  • Every federal agency faces unique difficulties in issuing all payments electronically.
  • Fiscal Service wants to work with your agency to identify your roadblocks and develop solutions.
  • Issuing payments electronically will reduce costs and improve efficiency across government.

Fiscal Service is currently working with federal agencies to convert paper checks to electronic payments. We would like to collaborate with your agency to meet and discuss any questions, problems, or barriers you have in reducing paper checks.

Fiscal Service can assist your agency with:

  • Electronic payment solutions
  • Messaging/communications
  • Inserts/mailers
  • Reviewing payment forms and processes

We look forward to hearing from you. Please contact us at

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Last modified 05/27/21