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Direct Deposit (Electronic Funds Transfer)

Federal Agency Guidance

Treasury Financial Manual

Policies, procedures, and instructions for federal departments and agencies, Federal Reserve banks (FRBs), and other concerned parties to follow in carrying out their fiscal responsibilities.
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Classifying Payments

Definitions for the four main categories of payments that the Bureau of the Fiscal Service disburses: salary, benefit, vendor, miscellaneous. By following these definitions, federal agency staff can better classify payments and help Treasury be precise in its reporting.
Download Classifying Payments Guidance PDF

International EFT is a comprehensive international payment and collection system used for processing international direct deposit payments to benefit recipients and both electronic and check payments to vendor, foreign payroll, and miscellaneous payment recipients. It offers a government-wide common solution for issuing international payments in established and emerging markets worldwide.

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Postage Payments to the U.S. Postal Service

Read about how to format payment records when making ACH credit payments to the U.S. Postal Service for postage.

Or, for additional information, consult one of the following:

For information on formatting instructions for FPAs making postage payments to the USPS,
download FPAs Formatting Instructions DOC.
For information on non-Treasury disbursed record layouts,
download Record Layout Instructions DOC.
For frequently asked questions,
download Postal Payments FAQs DOC.

Agency Outreach can provide a contact list of agency relationship managers for federal agency staff with questions or issues related to cash management or EFT.

Last modified 01/30/23