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Secure Payment System

Secure Payment System

The Secure Payment System (SPS) is an application that allows government agencies to create payment schedules in a secure fashion; with strictly enforced separation of duties.

This application also allows staff at Federal Program Agency (FPA) locations to securely certify and submit schedules to the Fiscal Service over the Internet.

There are two different types of users that are required and responsible for a FPA to submit schedules through SPS.

  • The Data Entry Operator (DEO) creates or imports a schedule and submits the schedule for certification.
  • The Certifying Officer (CO) examines the schedule for content and accuracy. Upon verification, the CO will then certify the schedule, which will result in the schedule being submitted to the Fiscal Service for disbursement.

Upcoming Changes to SPS

PAM Operations Request Form

PAM Notification Report in SPS

Improved speed /usability, modernize look and feel

Client software installation and update process

PIV/PIV-I/CAC Migration


Getting Started

For the most recent SPS installation CD, contact the Kansas City Financial Center at 816-414-2340 or e-mail

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Last modified 10/24/18