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Bureau of the Fiscal Service

Corvelli McDaniel Wins the 2020 Samuel J. Heyman People's Choice Award Medal

July 23, 2020

Corvelli McDaniel, the Assistant Commissioner of Revenue Collections Management at the Department of the Treasury's Bureau of the Fiscal Service (Fiscal Service), is a winner of the 2020 Samuel J. Heyman (Sammies) People's Choice Award Medal. Mr. McDaniel, along with Dr. Lorraine Cole, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer at the Department of the Treasury, were presented this award for their work in creating the Treasury Bank Mentor Protégé Program. They received the highest vote total in the award's history.

There are more than 5,000 financial institutions in the United States, however, only 149 are minority-owned. The initiative, launched in 2018, establishes relationships between America's largest commercial banks as mentors and small and minority-owned banks as protégés. Large commercial financial institutions provide management and technical assistance to help small and minority-owned banks strengthen their balance sheets and better serve low-income communities.

Mr. McDaniel, a 27-year Treasury employee, was instrumental in conceiving the program, navigating its development through Treasury, and conducting outreach to small, minority-owned banks and larger financial institutions. Under his leadership, the number of mentor and protégé banks has been steadily expanding. Currently, seven banks owned or operated by minorities are protégés in the program, with JPMorgan Chase, Citi, PNC Bank, U.S. Bancorp, and BNY Mellon currently serving as mentor banks. The number of mentor and protégé banks are expected to grow as the program continues to develop.

"Congratulations to Corvelli for winning this prestigious award. The Treasury Bank Mentor Protégé Program is an excellent example of the type of innovative and inspiring leadership Corvelli has been providing throughout his 27 years of service to Treasury and Fiscal Service," said Fiscal Service Commissioner Timothy E. Gribben.

The Sammies are a highly respected honor with a rigorous selection process. Named for the Partnership for Public Service's late founder who was inspired by President Kennedy's call to serve in 1963, these awards align with his vision of a dynamic and innovative federal workforce that meets the needs of the American people. Both Mr. McDaniel and Dr. Cole are also finalists for a Sammies award in the category of Management Excellence. The recipient(s) of this award will be announced in September.

You can learn more about Mr. McDaniel and Dr. Cole’s work at the link below:

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