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Federal Disbursement Services

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Federal Disbursement Services Program Support

Federal Disbursement Services offers two channels for various needs. Review both below to decide which best fits the goal you are looking to accomplish.

Help desk for federal employees using PAM, PIR, or SPS


We can help with

  • Installing JAVA for PAM, PIR, or SPS
  • Installing SPS
  • Changing your SPS name
  • Replacing your SPS Ikey
  • Resetting your SPS password
  • Updating your PKI credentials or PIN
  • Other problems with these programs

Customer support for everyone with questions about federal payments and Treasury sponsored programs

Questions about payments


For the general public

If you received a payment and do not know who issued the payment or why you received it, our staff can research the situation for you. We will tell you which agency is paying you and who to contact in that agency to find out more about the payment.

if you have a question and know which agency the payment comes from, you should contact that agency.

If you have a question about why your paycheck is less than it should be you might find an answer from the section of the website for individuals.

For federal employees

The many questions we answer from federal employees include these common topics:

  • Enrolling in and issues related to that program
  • Enrolling in, resetting passwords, and issues related to that program
  • Questions about changes in the Treasury Offset Program
  • Questions on how to move to Treasury for your disbursing needs

Last modified 03/29/24