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Direct Deposit (Electronic Funds Transfer)

Tax Refund Social Media Kit for Financial Institutions

These sample social media posts and images and links are listed here as a helpful resource for financial Institutions looking to promote the use of direct deposit for tax refunds. Feel free to download, save, and share the images created here, as well as utilize the text provided on your social media accounts. Financial institutions can also add logos for customization, or mention pertinent Treasury or Fiscal Service accounts: @fiscalservice, @IRSnews, or @USTreasury.

For questions regarding these graphics or social media posts please contact Fiscal Service, Legislative and Public Affairs at 202-504-3502.

Suggested Captions:

Bank electronically? File electronically? Why not get your refund electronically, too? #DirectDeposit

Did you know? 81% of tax refunds are electronic deposits. Sign up for #directdeposit and see how fast your refund comes!

81% of tax refunds are sent electronically, don’t suffer from #FOMO, and get your money via #DirectDeposit

Suggested Captions:

Your time is valuable and so is your refund! Get it faster with #DirectDeposit. Don't wait around for your tax refund. Put your money to work for you faster with #directdeposit!

#DidYouKnow you save your family $ when you sign up for #DirectDepost for your Tax Refund?

Suggested Captions:

File an extension with @IRSnews? Don't forget to speed up your refund by using #DirectDeposit! It's simple, safe and secure.

Tax Day is April 17! Want your refund faster? Get #DirectDeposit - it's simple, safe and secure!

There are three main reasons to switch to #DirectDeposit to get your refund faster: 1. Safe 2. Simple 3. Secure

Waiting around? Skip the middleman and sign up for #DirectDeposit for your tax refund. It’s safe, simple & secure

Suggested Captions:

I’ve been getting my refund via #DirectDeposit for years now, it shows up in my account way faster, you should do it too.

Suggested Captions:

Help the @USTreasury @IRSnews @FiscalService out, sign up for #DirectDeposit of your tax refund. Save taxpayer dollars today

Want to do something #Patriotic? Sign up for #DirectDeposit for your tax refund, $$$ will come faster and you’ll save uncle Sam $$$

Suggested Captions:

Paper checks kill trees, save some trees and sign up for #DirectDeposit for your tax refund

Suggested Captions:

Summer vacation? No need to wait by the mailbox for your tax refund - have it put directly into your bank account instead!

Suggested Captions:

Tax season is here. Use #DirectDeposit to make getting your refund easy as 1-2-3!

Last modified 04/14/20