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U.S. Debit Card

How It Works

On this page:

For Agencies – Getting Started

When you contact the U.S. Debit Card team (, we will:

  • work with you to analyze your business
  • recommend how to use the U.S. Debit Card program
  • set up a Memorandum of Understanding to lay out roles and responsibilities for both your agency and Fiscal Service
  • work with you to set up schedules, card designs, and training so you can get started

For Agencies and Payees – Understanding the U.S. Debit Card

Useful for many situations

An agency can use the card for many purposes. Some examples:

  • Temporary payroll
  • Personal services
  • Stipends
  • Awards
  • Grants
  • Imprest funds
  • Replacing third-party drafts
  • Overseas access to foreign currency
  • Travel payments to local visitors and international guests

Easy to issue

An agency can get the card to the payee by:

  • handing it to the payee in a field office or central office, or
  • arranging for it to be mailed to the payee

One-time use or reloadable for many payments

The card can be either for a single payment or reloadable:

  • Single payment: The agency puts an amount on the card. Once the money on the card is spent, the cardholder throws the card away.
  • Reloadable: The agency makes multiple payments to the same person on the same card.


Agencies can customize the card design.

For Payees – Using the U.S. Debit Card

You can use the card anywhere that takes a VISA debit card. That includes:

  • ATMs
  • Stores
  • Online
  • By phone

The card has both a magnetic stripe and a chip. You use a Personal Identification Number (PIN) as a security feature with the card.

If you need help, it's available 24/7 (all the time). Support information is on the back of your card.

For More Information

To learn more about the card, get answers to questions, and log in to your account:

Last modified 01/31/23