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Bureau of the Fiscal Service

The Role of Analytics in Operations



Open to all federal agencies




Sept 14, 2017 | 9:00 – 10:00am ET



Hosted by:

Debt Management

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Event Details:

Debt Management will host a webinar workshop on the Role of Analytics in Operations within the debt collection guidelines.

This session is being offered to all federal employees who were unable to attend our 2017 annual symposium in June, and will cover the same material as the on-site session at that event.

Please do not register if you participated in the symposium. There is no charge for this training.

The webinar is for those who are interested in the emerging technologies that make access to data easier, faster, and smarter and new innovations in data usage that allow federal agencies to more readily know their business lines behavior and the impacts of activities on day to day operations.

During this session, the Debt Management Business Analytics Branch will discuss two such initiatives, debt segmentation and data forecasting, and how these two projects serve to make Debt Management a more efficient organization.

Then the discussion will turn to the next stage in the evolution of data access and management, the Data Lake, and how this innovation will further refine these projects and open even more opportunities for further refinement of Debt Management debt collection operations in the future.

Please register using the button below. Registration will close September 6, 2017, or when the session is full. Due to the overwhelming interest in our workshops, we suggest that you register ASAP.

Debt Management will send out Webinar sign-on access and handout information to registered attendees prior to the training.

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