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Bureau of the Fiscal Service

Portfolio Management: "Compromises and Installment Agreements in CRS



Open to all federal agencies




Thurs, Oct 1, 2015 | 10:00am ET



Hosted by:

Debt Management

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Event Details:

On October 1, 2015, Debt Management will host a webinar on installment agreements (IA) and compromise procedures, including proposed new functionality in the CRS system.

All federal agencies are required to offer debtors the opportunity to repay debts through installments if they are financially unable to pay the entire debt at one time. CRS manages the installment agreement process by using credit bureau reports, financial statements and financial calculators to assess the debtor's inability to pay. CRS retains the final installment agreement, payment coupons, and detailed payment history on the case.

This webinar is for federal agency customers interested in the CRS system and the legal requirements in managing compromise and installment agreements. It will include information on how current installment agreement and compromise procedures are managed in CRS under the Federal Claims and Collections Standards (FCCS).

The CRS Staff will demonstrate key functions of CRS including installment agreement letters, coupons, payment details, and call agent notes and history.

The session will also answer any questions about the installment agreement process and the CRS program's ability to manage exceptions for agency specific programs.

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