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Training, Trusted Collection Services (TCS), Hosted Collection Pages (HCP), eBilling Drop-in Session



Federal agency employees




Mon, Aug. 24, 2017 | 1:00 pm ET



Hosted by:

Revenue Collections Management

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Event Details:

Revenue Collections Management (RCM) will host a drop-in webinar for agencies utilizing the Trusted Collection Services (TCS), Hosted Collection Pages (HCP), eBilling Web Services or the new eBilling Online Web Service interfaces.

On Wednesday, 10/25/2017 will install a new tcs.paygov certificate in’s production environment. This is not the certificate agencies use to authenticate their access to a specific TCS service. Instead it is the root certificate required to establish the communications handshake between an agency’s system and

As of 10/25/2017 the current certificate used by agencies to establish communication with before accessing a TCS service will not be valid. Agencies having only the current certificate in their key store will be unable to connect to to process their collections.

To avoid interruptions, before 10/25/2017 agencies must:

  • Add the new certificate to their keystore.
  • Keep both the current and new certificates in their keystore. (Do not delete the current certificate.)

The new production TCS certificate can be downloaded directly by clicking the following link:

The certificate installation process is unique to each device and recommends that deployment of this certificate be coordinated with the agency’s network and/or web server support teams.

If you have any difficulties with the download or have any questions, please join our drop-in session!

Topics will include:

  • TCS Certificate Overview
  • Open Q&A Session with support team

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