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Daily Treasury Statement

Daily Treasury Statement

The Daily Treasury Statement summarizes the US Treasury’s cash and debt operations for the Federal Government on a modified cash basis. Deposits are reported as received and withdrawals are reported as processed.

Current Daily Treasury Statement

The DTS presents a summary of:

  • Operating Cash Balance
  • Deposits and Withdrawals of Operating Cash
  • Public Debt Transactions
  • Federal Tax Deposits
  • Short-Term Cash Investments
  • Income Tax Refunds Issued

The information is provided by Federal Reserve Banks, Treasury Regional Financial Centers, Internal Revenue Service Centers, Bureau of the Fiscal Service and various electronic systems. Treasury’s operating cash is maintained in an account at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.


The Bureau of the Fiscal Service is modernizing the Daily Treasury Statement (DTS) to better align its reporting with the Monthly Treasury Statement (MTS).

The following changes will occur for the DTS date of 01/13/20, published on01/14/20:

  • Change the name of Veterans Assets Sales to Dept of Veterans Affairs (VA) in Table 2 (Deposit section).
  • Additional receipts previously reported on the Unclassified line will now be reported to the Dept of Veteran Affairs (VA) in Table 2 (Deposit section)
  • Change the name of NASA programs to NASA in Table 2 (Withdrawal section).
  • Change the name of Veterans Affairs programs to Dept of Veterans Affairs (VA) in Table 2 (Withdrawal section).
  • Change the name of Veteran Benefits (EFT) to VA - Benefits in Table 2 (Other Withdrawals section). This line will now show daily.
  • Readjustment Benefits and Insurance Funds previously reported to Veterans Affairs programs line will be realigned and reported on the VA - Benefits line.

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Last modified 12/03/19