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The General Fund

Parts of the General Fund


The General Fund records appropriation authority based on congressionally issued legislation which provides that authority to agencies.


The General Fund records loans receivable from the Department of Treasury for borrowings issued by the Federal Investments and Borrowings Branch (Bureau of the Fiscal Service) to federal agencies.


The US government collects cash from the public for various purposes. These collections vary by agency and are collected through a variety of channels.

The US government also disburses cash to the public for various purposes. The General Fund records a receivable “Due from Treasury” for cash collected and disbursed.


The General Fund records a liability “Due to Treasury” for debt issued to the public and federal agencies. Treasury securities issued and redeemed are accounted for and reflected in the balances of the General Fund.

The General Fund classifies all debt issued by Treasury as intra-governmental on the Schedule of the General Fund. Treasury has a “Due from the General Fund” receivable amount that offsets with the General Fund “Due to Treasury” liability.

Other Assets & Liabilities

The other assets and liabilities section includes transactions for: investments in Government-Sponsored Enterprises such as Fannie Mae, advancements to the Unemployment Trust Fund, Internal Revenue Service (IRS) taxes receivable and refunds payable and other miscellaneous assets and liabilities.

Trading Partner/General Fund Reporting

Last modified 03/09/21