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Collections Information Repository (CIR)

What is the Collections Information Repository?

The Collections Information Repository (CIR) is a web-based tool that gives federal agencies information on deposits and collections. CIR streamlines financial transaction information from all collections and settlement systems into one place.

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Who uses CIR?

  • Federal Program Agencies (FPAs) use CIR to get detailed and summary-level information on revenue they receive.
  • The Bureau of the Fiscal Service uses CIR for reports and business intelligence information about collections processes.
  • Systems and settlement providers use CIR to report collections data.

How do I enroll?

If you need access to CIR, contact a CIR Security User in your agency.

If you do not know who your Security User is, go to the Getting Help for CIR job aid.

If your agency has not yet enrolled in CIR, contact CIR Customer Support.

Phone icon 800-624-1373 (option #3) or internationally at 216-579-2112 (option #3)

Email Icon CIR.customersupport@clev.frb.org

How do I use CIR?

Learn from the resources in CIR

When you log in to CIR,

  • review the various Help and Reference documents
  • learn how to use CIR to find the data you need

Use CIR as your primary resource for data on collections and deposits. CIR gets data from all collections sources.

Contact Us

CIR Customer Support

Phone icon 800-624-1373 (option #3) or internationally at 216-579-2112 (option #3)

Email icon CIR.customersupport@clev.frb.org

CIR Customer Support

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