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Financial Management Quality Service Management Office

Financial Management Quality Service Management Office (FM QSMO)

The FM QSMO is an OMB/Treasury initiative that will offer a new approach to federal financial management, offering systems and services that will drive innovation, compliance with federal policies, standardization and automation.

The FM QSMO will be a valued partner to agencies as they work to modernize and improve their core financial systems and capabilities.

What are the objectives of the FM QSMO?

  • Offer and manage a marketplace of high-performing and cost-effective solutions to respond to agency needs;
  • Tell agencies about strategies and solutions that will help them reach agreed-upon government-wide goals;
  • Guide and govern the long-term sustainability of core financial management services and solutions;
  • Institute a customer and provider engagement and feedback model that allows for continuous improvement and performance management of solutions; and
  • Work with customers and providers to adopt standards and comply with regulation and policy.

Who the FM QSMO works with:

  • Agencies
  • Industry (commercial providers of financial management software solutions and service providers)
  • Legacy Federal Shared Service Providers
  • Other Stakeholders and Partners (OMB, GSA, governance councils)

FM QSMO will work to address government-wide financial management challenges by creating common solutions to help increase the government's buying power and cut long-term costs. Financial management resources will be able to focus on analysis and better service to customers rather than traditional transaction processing and system maintenance.

How can FM QSMO help agencies:

Core Financial Systems

Professional Services

FM Solutions

Treasury Centralized Services

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Last modified 06/30/20