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Unpaid Foreign Claims

Unpaid Foreign Claims

If you are a U.S. national who has suffered a covered loss in a foreign country, the Unpaid Foreign Claims program may be able to pay for your loss.

Our Unpaid Foreign Claims program at the Department of the Treasury is only responsible for payments.   We ensure that claimants receive the payment amount authorized in the public law governing each Foreign Claims Program.

The Foreign Claims Settlement Commission (FCSC) takes and reviews claims. The FCSC decides if a claim is valid. The FCSC then tells us, and we pay for the loss.

We have a few programs where we still have not-yet-paid awards because we can't find the person to pay.

For more information about how the program works, see the Frequently Asked Questions.


Contact Unpaid Foreign Claims

866-277-1046 Foreign Claims

Last modified 09/19/23