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General Lockbox Network

General Lockbox Network

The General Lockbox Network (GLN) is a collection and processing service provided by certain financial institutions to help federal government agencies process paper checks and other remittance documents (not related to taxes) that are received through the mail.

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Collects agency mail from specified P.O. box

Opens, extracts, sorts, and batches envelope contents.

Scans and captures data from payment instruments & documents

Forwards captured images to Electronic Check Processing for settlement

Balances and totals batches

Records the payments

Provides customer service

Agencies get their data either in an electronic file or through the Collections Information Repository (CIR). Remittance documents can also be reviewed in Electronic Check processing (ECP).

What is the Fiscal Service's Role?

At the Bureau of the Fiscal Service, we work with you to decide if a paper lockbox solution is the best way to meet your agency's or your program's collection needs. In some cases, a paper lockbox is not the best way for an agency to collect funds. Learn more about GLN.

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Last modified 03/31/20