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Doing Business with Fiscal Service

Doing Business with Fiscal Service


Find information on the status of government funding.

Procurement Information

When we procure items, we use credit cards, purchase orders, delivery orders, contracts, and blanket purchase agreements. We use the following methods to identify prospective sources:

  • Sources recommended by the small business specialist
  • Previous bidder's mailing list for a similar action
  • Sources identified during market survey efforts
  • System for Award Management (SAM)

You can get started by registering with the System for Award Management (SAM), which will allow access to Treasury bureau mailing lists. Then, watch to identify current opportunities. When you see something that interests you, request the details or sign up on the electronic mailing list according to the instructions contained in the notices.

You may submit technical literature, including line cards, to:

Small Business Specialist
Bureau of the Fiscal Service
Division of Procurement
200 Third Street, Avery 5-F
Parkersburg, WV 26106-5312

Our small business specialist will review the literature received and send it to the appropriate technical, as well as procurement personnel.

Fiscal Service officials attend various Treasury and local small business conferences. We'll post notices of such conferences and points of contact for additional information on this website.

Fiscal Service contractors who are subject to FAR Clause 52.203-14, Display of Hotline Poster, need to use this PDF.

Last modified 12/14/18