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Debit Gateway

Debit Gateway

The Debit Gateway centralizes processing and settlement of electronic check and Automated Clearing House (ACH) debit transactions received from four agencies (Agency Direct) and three Revenue Collections Management (RCM) channels:

How It Works

The Debit Gateway has built-in decision logic to review check transactions received from ECP, OTCnet, and Agency Direct and convert qualified transactions to more efficient and less costly ACH debit entries, or present the checks as Image Cash Letters (ICL) to the Check21 system. Check21 is the primary check clearing system for Federal Reserve Banks.

Debit Gateway also processes returned checks and ACH debits, and provides voucher and settlement data to the source RCM collection channel for reporting to customer agencies.

Originates and settles ACH debit entries received from

Presents & settles check images received from ECP and OTCnet

Converts qualified transactions received from ECP & OTCnet to more efficient, less costly ACH debit entries

Provides necessary reporting to RCM collection channels

Reports transactions & settlements

Provides customer agency/RCM collection channel support

Detects duplicate transactions

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Last modified 10/28/22