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GWA Treasury Account Symbol (Spring Format) Crosswalk to STAR Treasury Account Symbol

On April 12, 2008, Release 3.0 of the GWA Account Statement Module was deployed. This release includes the transition to the new GWA database as the data repository for the Account Statement Module.

In previous versions of the Account Statement, the source of data provided was Treasury's central accounting system (STAR). With Release 3.0 the GWA Account Statement uses the new GWA database as well as the new GWA Treasury Account Symbol (TAS) string format structure.

In addition to the new TAS format, the former Activity Type Descriptions have been replaced with the new GWA Business Event Type Codes (BETCs) and descriptions.

With this conversion to the new GWA Treasury Account Symbols and Business Event Type Codes, agency users can transition their reporting and reconciliation processes to adapt to the new formats that will be mandated by Treasury in the coming years.

What changes to the Treasury Account Symbol will You see?

The primary change is the elimination of standard subclasses that were formerly reported as a prefix to the Treasury Account Symbol. These standard subclasses were reported to define sub classifications of TAS based on explicit transaction types (such as borrowings, investments, funds held outside treasury).

In Release 3.0, instead of the transaction type being reported as a standard subclass on the TAS, it is reported as a business event separate from the TAS. For example, if an agency invests in Treasury securities, they currently report: (88) 20X1234. In the GWA environment, they report the TAS, 20X1234 - without the (88) - but with a separate business event type code (BETC) of INVTSEC.

Therefore, within the GWA Account Statement Module, you no longer see TAS (88)20X1234 as part of your output reports. Instead you see TAS 20X1234 with activity classified to the BETC "INVTSEC".

To accommodate situations where the former subclass was being used for non-standard purposes, the subclass field is renamed to "Sub-level Prefix" and only used for programmatic breakdowns of the TAS for Treasury publication purposes. Sub-level Prefixes have a unique meaning or a unique need for sub classification that is NOT based on transaction types or business events.

You can use the following spreadsheet to cross-walk the new GWA TAS (String format) in combination with the new GWA BETC to the former STAR TAS/ Standard Subclass format.

Using the BETC that is reported for a specific transaction on the GWA Account Statement, you can determine what the former STAR TAS would be by following the instructions provided.

Last modified 07/16/19