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Bank Management System
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Bank Management System

The Bank Management System (BMS) is a web-based application used for paying financial institutions for the services they provide to the Bureau of the Fiscal Service. BMS also provides analytical tools to review, and approve compensation, budgets, and outflows.

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Who uses BMS?

Three groups use BMS:

  • The Bureau of the Fiscal Service owns BMS.
  • The Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis runs BMS.
  • Financial institutions that provide services to Fiscal Service use BMS to report and get paid.

How do I start using BMS?

For Financial Institutions

At a financial institution, you may be either

  • a Bank Management Reporter (BMR) who enters the institution's relevant information every month, or
  • a Local Security Administrator (LSA) who is in charge of the application at that institution

You cannot have both of those roles at the same time.

If you need to use BMS, choose one of these two pathways to sign up:

  • Pathway 1: Contact your institution's LSA. (If you do not know who that is, contact us – the BMS support team – to find out.)
  • Pathway 2: Fill out the BMS FI User Authorization and send it to us at

Bureau of the Fiscal Service and Federal Reserve Banks

If you are going to have one of the user roles for BMS, fill out the BMS FRB FS User Authorization form and send it to us at

Contact the BMS Support Team

For all questions (about signing up, password problems, what and how to report, using BMS, or any other issue), call or write:

Phone Icon 1-866-771-1842,
option 2
E-mail Icon

Last modified 01/30/23