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Unpaid Foreign Claims


Under the War Claims Act of 1948, the Foreign Claims Settlement Commission (FCSC) and its predecessor, the War Claims Commission, were authorized to administer ten prisoner-of-war and civilian internee compensation programs and four war damage and loss compensation programs.

Funds for the payment of claims and administrative expenses in all but three of the programs conducted under the War Claims Act were derived from the liquidation of Japanese and German assets. The assets were under the control of the Attorney General of the United States and had been blocked and vested in the United States during World War II under the Trading with the Enemy Act.

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Claimant's Name Last Known
Last Known
Claim Amount
George Babacouras   Greece 3,200.00
Edmund Bell San Jose CA 175.00
Louis Beys (Antigone Mezinis)   Albania 768.00
Camilia Bruggencate San Francisco CA 216.00
William Buchanan Knoxville TN 75.00
Samuel Coleman New York NY 2,584.76
George C. Diamanti   Greece 370.00
Mary L. Dodson Austin TX 13.85
Gust Gadinas (Eftimia Gadinas)   Albania 2,000.00
Rachil Galant San Francisco CA 300.00
Clara Kaplan Brooklyn NY 300.00
Paul Geori   Albania 499.81
Lena Greenberg Brooklyn NY 50.00
Adele Krieger Seattle WA 515.87
Louis Little San Leandro CA 149.00
Mahmut Myftarlli Washington DC 700.00
Sofia Naska   Albania 775.00
Lambos Nicolaou   Greece 93.00
Evelyn Parker Camel CA 736.50
Dora Sadt New York NY 166.00
Caroline Siegel New York NY 85.75
Frieda Muhlstock Westbury NY 85.75
Peter D. Stefanakes (Maria Stefanakes)   Greece 2,000.00
Charlotte Steiner New York NY 1,882.75
Murray Sturm New York NY 142.00
Harry N. Thomas   Albania 700.00
Hasan Toto   Albania 2,000.00
William Ziegler Maywood NJ 3,498.48

Last modified 06/25/18