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Unpaid Foreign Claims


In 1986 the Foreign Claims Settlement Commission (FCSC) completed a program to determine the validity and number of claims against the Socialist Republic of Vietnam that resulted from the nationalization or other taking of property on or after April 29, 1975, when the Government of the Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam) was overthrown.

The FCSC granted awards to 192 claimants, and a settlement agreement that provided funds for the payment of the awards was concluded with the Socialist Republic of Vietnam on January 28, 1995. The Department of the Treasury, Financial Management Service (now Bureau of the Fiscal Service), began advising claimants on the status of the program and issuing payments in 1995.

On the following table is a list of the unpaid Vietnam Claims Program claimants, their last known city and state and the amount outstanding.

If you are the original claimant or if the claimant is deceased and you are able to demonstrate proof of heirship, please contact our office at

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Claim Number Claimant's Name Last Known
Last Known
Claim Amount
as of 02/28/2017
V-0017 David R. Rockefeller GMF Guam 2,187.16
V0029 Williiam C. Dowling Glendora CA 7,125.82
V-0200 Franklyn Gonzales Miami FL 30,566.97
V-0204 Richard C. Davis Macon GA 12,662.07
V-0258 Russel L. Eastman Everett WA 8,030.19
V-0288 Marion S.Miller Scottsdale AZ 6,407.61
V-0459 William M. White Weirton WV 4,111.06
V-0525 (1) Daniel L. Moffitt Hanford CA 5.93
V-0525 (2) Victoria A. Forest Hanford CA 5.93
V-0525 (3) Marian L. Moffitt Hanford CA 5.92

Last modified 06/25/18