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Unpaid Foreign Claims


In 1981 the FCSC completed a program to determine the validity and number of claims against the German Democratic Republic (GDR) for losses which arose from the nationalization or other taking by that government of property interests of nationals of the United States.

The FCSC granted awards to 2,437 claimants and a settlement agreement, which provided funds for the payment of the awards, was concluded with the Federal Republic of Germany on May 13, 1992. The Department of the Treasury, Financial Management Service (now the Bureau of the Fiscal Service), began advising claimants on the status of the program on September 25, 1992. Below is a list of the unpaid German Claims Program claimants, their last known city and state and the amount outstanding.

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Claim Number Claimant's Name Last Known
Last Known
Claim Amount
as of 02/28/2017
G-3306 Abraham Hirsch Silver Spring MD 4,232.13
G-1805 (1) Albert D. Kappel New Canaan CT 6,273.01
G-3755(1) Albert Meyer Berlin Germany 3,495.73
G-0967 Albrecht C. Reuter Mayaguez PR 19,710.48
G-3644 (4) Alexander Jackson Denver CO 1,986.46
G-3115 (2) Alfred E. Miller Ramat Hasharon Israel 542.37
G-0058 Alfred Neubert Castro Valley CA 973.99
G-1813 (1) Alice Claire Sobelman Colorado Springs CO 442.52
G-0655 Alice Spitz North Hollywood CA 1,647.77
G-3297(5A2) Amelia Seif Silver Spring MD 259.71
G-3297(6E2) Amelia Seif Silver Spring MD 86.43
G-3755(4) American Friends of the Rabbinical College Kol Torah Jerusalem Israel 1,165.24
G-2263 (2) American Heart Association Los Angeles CA 322.68
G-3297 (2B) Anatole Tennenbaum Silver Spring MD 779.53
G-3297(6B2) Anatole Tennenbaum Silver Spring MD 259.71
G-0146 Angela Herter New York NY 800.92
G-0840 (2) Anita Block, Trust U/W/O New York NY 2,533.85
G-0629 Anita Louise Ezzo Secaucus NJ 148.98
G-0399 Anna E. Lieblein Penndel PA 384.62
G-0288 Anna Gebel Long Island NY 3,431.87
G-0663 (1) Anna Kleeman San Francisco CA 3,752.34
G-0509 (1) Anna Schmalz New York NY 6,929.71
G-2216 Anne Liebenthal New York NY 624.07
G-3649 Anneliese H. Andersen   West Germany 84.16
G-2494 Anneliese Roger New York NY 2,465.17
G-0452 Annemarie Hermberg Bozeman MT 3,598.11
G-0220 Arno Max Andreas Glendale NY 4,272.76
G-3474 August Mester, dec'd Denver CO 817.02
G-1363 August William Holland-Moritz Doulasville PA 2,027.97
G-1734 (1C) Barbara T. Heinemann Cranford NJ 277.90
G-1602 Beatrice Cohen Elizabeth NJ 5,702.74
G-0605 Beatrice Hahn Cranbury NJ 3,422.61
G-0746 (1) Benjamin Ehrman New York NY 2,600.76
G-1219 Benny May Bronx NY 7,089.32
G-0272 Berta Munkelnbeck New York NY 151.81
G-1414 (4) Bertha Jakobsberg   West Germany 7,276.09
G-1476 (3) Bertram Frederick Elsner Hanover PA 9.17
G-2826 (1) Betti Nackenson Harrison NY 14,725.61
G-2778 (2) Betty Wolf San Mateo CA 510.71
G-0760 Burton B. Bry   Switzerland 40,307.24
G-1453 Caecilie Flecker Zimmermann New York NY 2,048.26
G-0025 Carl Pelteson St. Louis MO 1,778.86
G-2545 (2E) Catherine Elizabeth Spence Imhoff Holly Springs NC 742.99
G-1734 (2) Charles William Heinemann Avenel NJ 8,705.75
G-0970 Charlotte Bauer Rego Park NY 622.33
G-0152 Charlotte Gertrude Zimmerman Shillington PA 140.00
G-2985 (2) Charlotte Jacobi New York NY 3,295.85
G-1619 (2) Charlotte Laksberger Encino CA 1,439.64
G-2317 Christian Buehner Milwaukee WI 3,431.87
G-2529 Christian Hans Lindner Forest Hills NY 9,305.19
G-0541 (2C) Christine M. Berringer Orange CA 1,909.93
G-0897 Claire K. Sutherland Homewood IL 1,819.70
G-1568 Claire Klein Elmhurst NY 3,477.24
G-1269 (2) Clara Rosenthal Flushing NY 2,319.40
G-1932 (1) Colette Duerre Tenafly NJ 43.72
G-1175 Curt M. Baer Oliverea NY 20,614.07
G-3755(6) Diskin Great Israel Orphanage Home Jerusalem Israel 1,747.78
G-3337 (4) Dorothea Blume New York NY 3,479.20
G-3337 (1) Dorothea Fraenkel   Switzerland 150.63
G-3103 Dorothea Munzer Wellesley MA 10,437.67
G-3762 Dr. Heins Wichman Morris Plains NJ 1,711.20
G-2543 E.I. Dupont De Nemours & Company Wilmington DE 2,163.76
G-0665 Edith Ascher Melnick Aventura FL 6,898.82
G-0787 (4) Edith Reel New York NY 34.01
G-3755(3) Edward Meyer     1,165.24
G-2385 Elizabeth Frieda Schaller Rochelle Park NJ 168.77
G-0539 Elizabeth Menzel Curtin Santa Barbara CA 1,027.88
G-0712 (11) Ellen Berger, Estate of Sunnyside NY 11.00
G-2880 (5) Ellen Livingston New Rochelle NY 1,463.13
G-3656 Elliot M. Baumgart Maplewood NJ 30,885.95
G-2641 (3) Ellis, Funk, Eidman, Weitz & Benjamin New York NY 1,014.60
G-0510 Elsa Frieda Conklin Suffern NY 2,378.46
G-3310 Elsa Goldammer San Francisco CA 681.56
G-1232 Else Kolkman White Plains NY 68.45
G-1749 (1) Elsie Bayer Skokie IL 348.23
G-3637 Elsie H. Leukhardt Endwell NY 38.78
G-3453 Elsie O. Straten Bedford NH 1,996.38
G-1808 (1) Emil Grauer Wachtung NJ 2,851.42
G-0604 Emil Gruttke Cliffside Park NJ 5,719.62
G-3297 (3B) Emil Tennenbaum Silver Spring MD 779.53
G-3297(6C2) Emil Tennenbaum Silver Spring MD 259.71
G-1764 (1) Emmy Lenore Podietz Philadelphia PA 434.75
G-3128 Enno Paul Loescher Yonkers NY 544.90
G-1764 (3) Eric Steven Podietz, In Trust Dresher PA 434.75
G-0762 (2) Erich Jacobus Laguna Hills CA 324.13
G-2267 Erich Richter Bronx NY 166.15
G-0712 (10) Erika Grossgold Stony Brook NY 22.10
G-3204 (2) Erna Kuehlke Guttenberg NJ 2,786.85
G-3467 Erna Nussbaum Cleveland Heights OH 68.45
G-2018 Erna Strauss New York NY 7,849.39
G-0258 Erna Theresia Williams Morris Plains NJ 5,759.07
G-1775 (1) Erna V. Strauss Falls Church VA 225.58
G-1775 (2) Erna V. Strauss Falls Church VA 225.58
G-1816 (1) Ernest C. Schuenzel Miami FL 201.78
G-0900 Ernest Freiberg Eldred NY 1,505.09
G-0259 Ernest Isenberg Hallandale FL 4,348.96
G-0787 (3) Ernest Reel New York NY 102.07
G-1509 (1A) Ernest Sonder Bayside NY 39.28
G-1509 (2A) Ernest Sonder Bayside NY 59.14
G-1930 Erwin R. Karger Sherman Oaks CA 75,604.93
G-1462 Estate Aenni C. Kaufman New York NY 981.58
G-0894 (3) Estate of Amanda Martin La Mesa CA 13,838.41
G-0876 Estate of Edith C. Blasberg Tarzana CA 45.37
G-0877 Estate of Edith C. Blasberg Tarzana CA 9.88
G-0950 Estate of Erich Goldmeier Riverdale NY 393.03
G-1579 Estate of Eugene H. Rogers Glendale CA 387.71
G-0200 Estate of Helen Dietrich Wayne NJ 38.08
G-1023 Estate of Ilse H. Bonnin   West Germany 1,788.31
G-2026 (2) Estate of Johanna Elias New York NY 3,054.62
G-2028 (2) Estate of Johanna Elias New York NY 1,159.40
G-1266 Estate of Kurt Friedland Seattle WA 1,605.23
G-0840 (1) Estate of Leo Cahn New York NY 103.79
G-3697 (2) Eva E. Kaye Sacramento CA 437.68
G-1532 Eva H. Fleischmann Decatur GA 10,785.07
G-1750 Eva Ruth Bayer Kansas City MO 696.61
G-3644 (3) Eva Weiss New York NY 1,986.46
G-1749 (2) Eve S. Leon Wilmette IL 174.02
G-1734 (1B) Evelyn M. Berroyer Cranford NJ 277.90
G-1692 (2) Fanny Schiller Denver CO 792.22
G-1964 Feodor Sachs San Francisco CA 3,752.34
G-1452 Ferdinand Nacher Forest Hills NY 2,048.26
G-1269 (3) Florence Rosenthal Aber New York NY 2,319.40
G-0449 Florence Seidel Ventura CA 743.52
G-1476 (2) Frank Elsner, Jr. Hanover PA 12.52
G-0949 Frank Frederick Guthery Kew Gardens NY 15,538.80
G-0536 (1) Frank Walter Edward Hoeselbarth   West Germany 1,492.48
G-0536 (2) Frank Walter Edward Hoeselbarth   West Germany 39,420.99
G-0720 Fred Dobschiner New York NY 972.77
G-0115 Fred Ludwig Whiting NJ 34,317.75
G-2125 Fred S. Kirschbaum Godeffroy NY 2,124.90
G-0144 (2) Fred T. Reynolds Van Nuys CA 2,043.09
G-2123 Frederick Rosenthal Wellington New Zealand 8,645.13
G-2539 Frieda H. Muller Flushing NY 141.68
G-1689 Frieda Opitz Coxsackie NY 110.21
G-2734 Frieda Pearl Queens NY 17,324.19
G-2801 Frieda Seligman Woodside NY 7,438.83
G-2257 Friedel Neuberg New York NY 150.84
G-0192 Friedrich Franz Westarp New York NY 31,150.17
G-1509 (3) Friedricke Sonder Bayside NY 118.69
G-0337 Fritz Otto Pietsch Sylvania OH 989.91
G-1151 (5) Ft. Lauderdale Symphony Orchestra Ft. Lauderdale FL 5,241.23
G-1724 (4) Gabrielle E. Lindsey New York NY 21,384.86
G-1999 (1) George D. Miller Scranton PA 19,821.15
G-1999 (2) George D. Miller Scranton PA 19,821.17
G-2122 George L. Steans Chicago IL 2,142.08
G-2318 Georges Gilbert New York NY 5,837.36
G-2502 Gertrude E. Spenner Milwaukee WI 447.86
G-0274 Gertrude Ellinger Hastings MI 3,135.94
G-0085 Gertrude Fritz Redwood City CA 325.36
G-3115 (1) Gisella Lakritz Richmond CA 542.37
G-2162 Golda Prager Elizabeth NJ 2,520.44
G-3531 (1) Grace E. Burns Kapper St. Louis MO 1,372.67
G-1269 (1) Grete Gundersheim New York NY 583.75
G-3673 (2) Gunter Stahl Elmhurst NY 33,463.49
G-1269 (4) Hannah Rosenthal Bamberger New York NY 2,319.35
G-0585 (2) Hannah S. Beyth Baltimore MD 206.50
G-2851 Hans Haller Flushing NY 10,452.85
G-2191 (1B) Hans Mundt New Hyde Park NY 395.36
G-2811 (1) Hans Nussbaum Washington DC 955.38
G-0700 (2) Harold R. Frenzel Pacifica CA 684.51
G-0700 (3B) Harold R. Frenzel Pacifica CA 228.01
G-1816 (2) Harold Schuenzel Dover NJ 201.78
G-0179 (2) Harriet Kon   Israel 5,218.95
G-0565 Harry Kaufman Elizabeth NJ 5,702.74
G-1058 (1) Harry L. Gutman New York NY 174.75
G-0021 Harry Richard Gruner Bushnell FL 966.77
G-2042 (2) Hede Lerner Rheinstein Baltimore MD 42.31
G-0344 Hedwig Ann Marie Jauernick Los Angeles CA 611.38
G-1364 Hedwig Platiel Ontario Canada 77.40
G-0814 (2) Heidi J. Woodhouse Santa Barbara CA 579.24
G-2970 (2) Heidi Johnson Woodstock NY 632.27
G-0712 (5) Helen L. Somerville Portland OR 22.04
G-1738 (4) Helen Leckerling Huntington NY 94.26
G-3307 (3B) Helen Thompson Ontario Canada 94.81
G-0814 (1) Heli J. Gray Seattle WA 579.24
G-3604 Hellmuth Richter Indianapolis IN 5,170.38
G-3341 (1) Helma Dahl Laramie WY 2,856.48
G-3341 (2) Helma Dahl, on behalf of Jens & Uwe Dahl Laramie WY 450.62
G-1807 Helmut G. Callis Murray UT 2,530.72
G-2191 (2) Henry Kronbuegel Salem OR 790.72
G-0573 (2) Herbert Carl Schoen Stamford CT 2,852.16
G-0751 (3) Herbert J. Goerner San Antonio TX 255.36
G-1228 (2) Herbert Kluska Aurora IL 1,866.01
G-3082 (2) Herbert Stern Yonkers NY 115.08
G-0207 Herbert W. Wilisch   Denmark 389.78
G-0276 Herman Jacobs Escondido CA 2,859.82
G-3297 (1B) Herman Tennenbaum Silver Spring MD 779.53
G-3297(6A2) Herman Tennenbaum Silver Spring MD 259.71
G-2458 (3) Hermine Rosen Huntington NY 186.35
G-3406 Herta Frankel Merritt Island FL 1,167.43
G-0945 Hidegard Heller Evansville IN 262.57
G-3215-8 Hilardo C. Camanag   Philippines 352.45
G-1729 Hilda Hahn New York NY 1,530.14
G-0664 Hilde E. Kleinicke Morris Plains NJ 5,341.95
G-1139 Hildegard Cooper New York NY 12,477.68
G-2492 Hinna Stahl Bayonne NJ 15,884.71
G-1805 (2) Hubert A. Kappel Minneapolis MN 6,272.96
G-0257 Hubert Palm Dearborn MI 2,745.37
G-1765 (4) Ilse Cavaliere Venice FL 209.56
G-1082 Ilse Eva Herz Baltimore MD 8,084.63
G-3042 Ilse Lowe Yonkers NY 884.96
G-0728 Ilse Moench Whaley Jamestown NY 4,804.52
G-1058 (2) Ilse Namburg New York NY 174.75
G-0899 (3B) Ilse Winck Banning CA 686.32
G-0374 (6) Ingeborg B. Logan Kaulua HI 1,826.06
G-0374 (7) Ingeborg B. Logan Kaulua HI 486.95
G-0709 (2) Irene Curran Lyons CO 141.32
G-2115 (2) Irene Frank Forest Hills NY 315.34
G-0787 (5) Irene Kayser New York NY 34.01
G-2175 Isi Erica Measle Lexington KY 2,281.52
G-2731 (2) Jack Goldsmith Los Altos CA 72.74
G-1724 (7) James E. Bailey New York NY 7,128.26
G-3215-3 Jamie & Netta Ronald Portland OR 705.00
G-0170 Jane M. Fichner Columbus OH 2,059.00
G-0746 (2) Janet Yourman Fairlawn NJ 3,901.27
G-1929 (2) Jennie Hannowsky Indianapolis IN 6.01
G-1714(1) Jewish Refugee Aid in Zurich     2,930.25
G-2256 (1) Jewish Refugee Aid in Zurich     179.80
G-0739 (5) Joanne Newman Warminster PA 256.51
G-0100 Johanna Elsa Rost Frederick MD 479.48
G-0271 Johanna Guddeck Fox Lake IL 326.74
G-1761 Johanne Marie Raabe New York NY 16,341.76
G-0471 Johannes Gottwald Muller Secaucus NJ 1,925.26
G-0540 John A. Hardie, Trust Boston MA 1,805.26
G-2944 (5) John Arnhold New York NY 4,610.42
G-2880 (8A) John Henry Pape Clinton MD 1,316.86
G-1823 John Janson Barrington NJ 1,277.22
G-2558 John K. Voss Marble Falls TX 2,057.45
G-3708 (1) John Kurt Schafer Tacoma WA 81.29
G-3016 John P. Bernhardt Riverside IL 6,083.07
G-0801 (1) John S. Lehmann Manhattan NY 20,019.14
G-0751 (2) John W. Goerner San Jose CA 255.36
G-1734 (5) Julia Heinemann Linden NJ 147.65
G-0137 Julius H. Waldner   Germany 857.04
G-1593 Julius Katz Jackson Heights NY 218.80
G-3294 Karl Brandt, Estate of Palo Alto CA 17,039.01
G-3708 (2) Karl G. Schafer Tacoma WA 1,412.57
G-1471 Karl O. Schade Hanover PA 1,634.79
G-1377 Kate Brandt San Francisco CA 1,814.76
G-2784 Kate Spiro Philadelphia PA 3,676.94
G-0582 Kensington Gerlach Daytona Beach FL 921.96
G-0015 Kurt Dietz Toms River NJ 3,203.85
G-0098 Kurt F. Froehlich Milwaukee WI 714.87
G-0980 (1) Kurt Hahn Toms River NJ 405.85
G-3555 Kurt Hirsch Berkeley CA 5,197.35
G-3021 (1) Kurt J. Darr Mission TX 882.55
G-3135 Kurt P. Pahrisch Central Islip NY 266.27
G-0509 (2) Leon Sales, Estate of New York NY 10,394.49
G-2545 (2B) Lewis B. Spence, Jr. Spirit Lake IA 134.96
G-2545 (2F) Lewis Blair Spence III Morehead City NC 562.84
G-0017 Liddy Schroeder Yonkers NY 3,266.73
G-2697 Lieselotte Hartman Clairton PA 684.13
G-0739 (1B) Lieselotte Heidenfelder Warminster PA 256.51
G-1763 Lilli Prince Hollywood FL 966.23
G-1223 Lina Glockner Malverne Park NY 220.79
G-0086 (1) Lola Esslinger Downey CA 1,167.43
G-1734 (1A) Loretta S. Heinemann Cranford NJ 654.14
G-0601 Lothar Adler New York NY 9,644.36
G-0422 Lothar Hessberg Goold Altamonte Springs FL 1,459.30
G-3531 (3) Mable Anzalone St. Louis MO 686.32
G-1816 (3) Manfred K. Schunzel Lagrangeville NY 201.78
G-1554 (2) Margalit Gavan   Israel 1,006.72
G-0063 Margaret Larsen New York NY 592.39
G-0503 Margaret Mattersdorf Flushing NY 25,986.33
G-1647 Margaret Whittman Chicago IL 12,312.09
G-0358 Margarete Marx Adkins TX 1,159.67
G-0872 Margot H. Gruenstein Elkins Park PA 373.13
G-2561 Marian Joel New York NY 289.73
G-0920 Marianne Brandus   Germany 262.49
G-2871 (1A) Marianne T. Andorn New York NY 118.65
G-3680 (1) Marie Jaglom New York NY 25,998.86
G-1749 (3) Marion Glicksberg Highland Park IL 174.02
G-2626 Marion S. Kendrick Queens Village NY 3,992.93
G-1734 (1D) Mark B. Heinemann Cranford NJ 20.13
G-1829 Martha Anna Joachim Franklin Square NY 520.41
G-0961 Martha E. Schubert El Segundo CA 2,144.80
G-3119 Martha Koetzsch Westford MA 1,426.01
G-1821 Martin H. Gruner Clearwater FL 4,921.71
G-0636 Martin Karl Emmrich Whiting NJ 1,988.47
G-3272 Martin Neuhaus New York NY 543.22
G-1705 Mary Lewin Baltimore MD 4,784.01
G-1619 (1) Mary Spira Sun City CA 120.70
G-0493 Mary T. Biedenfeld Lexington KY 472.12
G-2224 Max Bruck Walnut Creek CA 684.13
G-0801 (6) Max Meyer Miami Beach FL 104.59
G-0316 (1) Max R. Schneller Lakewood NJ 6,863.41
G-2729 Meta Reichenbach New York NY 12,177.27
G-2944 (6) Michele Arnhold Bethel CT 386.75
G-0104 Minna Neuman Hawthorne NJ 371.53
G-3297(5B2) Miriam T. Tennenbaum Silver Spring MD 259.71
G-3297(6F2) Miriam T. Tennenbaum Silver Spring MD 86.43
G-3297 (4B) Miriam Wagner Silver Spring MD 779.53
G-3297(6D2) Miriam Wagner Silver Spring MD 259.71
G-0813 Morris Segal Houston TX 123.96
G-1714 (7) Munsterlingen Psychiatric Clinic     2,930.25
G-2256 (7) Munsterlingen Psychiatric Clinic     179.80
G-3337 (5A) Myron B. Gabriel Arlington Heights IL 145.78
G-0780 (4B) Nagy Sandorne   Hungary 43.62
G-3755(5) National Jewish Hospital Denver Colorado 1,747.78
G-0562 Nelly Dameck   Guatemala 20,590.63
G-1803 Nora Moench Buffalo NY 399.27
G-0056 Olga Loeffler Philadelphia PA 150.69
G-0778 Otto Mueller E Detroit MI 167.46
G-2273 Otto Wilhelm Pester Canyon Country CA 1,145.08
G-1987 (2)a Paul Bohmlander, dec'd Detroit MI 3,258.12
G-1987 (2)b Paul Bohmlander, dec'd Detroit MI 3,258.12
G-1987 (2)c Paul Bohmlander, dec'd Detroit MI 3,258.12
G-0631 Paul George Rudolph Severna Park MD 148.96
G-0946 Paul Heller Toms River NJ 5,303.15
G-1059 (1B) Paul Knauer Milwaukee WI 335.37
G-2191 (5B) Paul Knauer Milwaukee WI 395.34
G-3002 Paul O. Winkler, Estate of Springfield MA 2,402.30
G-0678 (3) Paul Otto Rehmet Armonk NY 429.05
G-1692 (1) Paul Schiller Cincinnati OH 10,159.36
G-2351 (2) Paul V. Knopf West Hartford CT 5,173.90
G-0052 (1) Paul W. Weinert   West Germany 688.83
G-1228 (1) Paula Kahnt Chicago IL 919.12
G-1906 (2) Pauline Krewer New York NY 437.68
G-0739 (3) Pauline Viehweger Warminster PA 6,177.16
G-0516 Peggy Kaufmann Forest Hills NY 45,230.06
G-2738 Peter Benjamin Springfield MA 6,274.73
G-2535 Peter H. Behrendt New York NY 747.52
G-0780 (3) Peter Nadas   Australia 1,043.75
G-1336 (3) Phil Garey Omaha NE 386.40
G-0678 (2) Ralph Rehmet New York NY 429.05
G-3082 (1) Ralph Stern Yonkers NY 115.08
G-2419 Regina Loewenthal Cleveland OH 1,135.02
G-3297(5C2) Regina Tennenbaum Silver Spring MD 259.71
G-3297(6G2) Regina Tennenbaum Silver Spring MD 86.43
G-0417 Reinhilde B. Neumann Ferndale MI 2,852.16
G-0155 Richard G. Riemer High Point NC 2,817.71
G-0630 Richard Karl Rudolph Forest Hills NY 148.96
G-0663 (3) Robert Sachs San Francisco CA 3,752.34
G-3531 (2) Rose K. Wander St. Louis MO 686.32
G-2761 (2) Rose Marie Oberdoerffer Austin TX 1,070.18
G-1801 (3) Rosemarie Kohn Astoria NY 869.57
G-3085 Rosine Baldauf San Francisco CA 1,953.01
G-3434 Roy Lemmermann Smyrna CA 125.14
G-0319 Rudolf Jentschura Pottstown PA 320.67
G-2349 Rudolf R. Kasel Petaluma CA 369.62
G-0328 Rudolf Stobe St. Petersburg FL 971.65
G-2076 Ruth Ehrenfeld Frank New York NY 2,745.52
G-3755(2) Ruth Engel Hollywood FL 2,330.42
G-1444 Ruth H. Krauss Mesa AZ 678.65
G-0282 Ruth H. Windmuller Ithaca NY 1,021.53
G-3371 Ruth Oehl Jachson Heights NY 7,669.37
G-3441 Ruth Parker Simon Greensboro NC 1,094.61
G-0787 (2) Ruth Reel New York NY 136.04
G-3644 (1) Samuel Gelfman New York NY 1,986.46
G-2777 (2) Selma Levor Edison NJ 1,046.03
G-1906 (1) Semyon Krewer New York NY 437.68
G-1810 Sidonie Leffman Baltimore MD 12,717.75
G-3758 (1) Siegbert Stein St. Louis MO 515.20
G-2429 (2) Siegbert Wolf Bridgeport CT 1,159.41
G-1030 Siegfried A. Sattelmaier Kirtland OH 3,371.05
G-3493 Sophie Rohlik, dec'd Southfield MI 515.04
G-0917 St. Paul's Episcopal Church Palmyra MO 307.10
G-2440 Stefanie Braeuer Hamburg Germany 10,573.87
G-1724 (3) Stella Hamburg New York NY 177.22
G-2351 (3) Stephen J. Knopf Nashville TN 5,173.90
G-0478 Stephen Kebalo Dover NJ 21.73
G-3337 (5B) Susan B. Gabriel College Park MD 145.76
G-1426 Susana Valas Denver CO 4,199.44
G-0923 (1) Susanna Schwarz Bellevue WA 5,496.11
G-2058 (2) Theodore S.K. Feibusch San Francisco CA 1,556.64
G-3307 (3A) Timothy Heyman Mexico City Mexico 1,143.92
G-1714 (4) Town of Kreuzlingen in care of Mr. Stadtammann     2,930.25
G-2256 (4) Town of Kreuzlingen in care of Mr. Stadtammann     179.80
G-3337 (3) Trude Silvey Milwaukee WI 3,479.20
G-2099 Ursula R. White Drexel Hill PA 459.79
G-1008 Victor Edward Rudolf Reuter Mayaguez PR 19,710.48
G-2987 (2) Victoria Baker Hoffman Bayville NJ 8,170.76
G-0240 Vivian S. Nicolaou New York NY 1,428.88
G-1805 (3) Waldemar Peter Carl Kappel   West Germany 6,272.96
G-2702 Walter Becker, Estate of Dayton OH 17,396.09
G-0126 (1) Walter Ey Floral Park NY 2,252.62
G-0126 (2) Walter Ey Floral Park NY 2,252.62
G-3460 Warner S. Bass New York NY 2,598.66
G-3738 Werner Galleski New York NY 7,743.47
G-3435 Werner Lemmermann Alabaster AL 8.82
G-0573 (1) Werner Schoen Whitestone NY 2,852.16
G-0586 Werner W. Beyth Baltimore MD 619.82
G-3725 Willima Wesley McCoubrey Troy NY 5,759.07
G-0840 (3) Winifred Leeds Feise New York NY 25.85

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