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Treasury Offset Program

Frequently Asked Questions for State Agencies

The Treasury Offset Program (TOP) will only offset a payment up to the amount of the debt balance. Some payments, especially those for larger amounts, are transmitted by a service called Fedwire. Fedwire is often used when payments must be applied and credited immediately upon receipt. Fedwire payments do not currently get offset through TOP. So, Fedwire payments made to payees with delinquent debts in TOP are blocked.

When an attempted Fedwire payment is blocked, a paying agency should then make the payment through the automated clearing house (ACH). ACH payments are offset through TOP. Any amount over the debt balance remaining after offset funds are applied to the debt or debts will be disbursed to the payee. TOP removes the Fedwire block the day after a debt is resolved.

Last modified 01/24/19