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OTCnet Release 4.0 Overview

The U.S. Treasury Bureau of the Fiscal Service (Fiscal Service) Over the Counter Division (OTCD) is updating the Over-the-Counter Channel Application (OTCnet) to Release 4.0 in March 2022, which introduces the following enhancements:

System Enhancements

  • Enhance OTCnet Duplicate Check Detection: Allow checks uploaded through the web service that were originally rejected by Debit Gateway with rejection code 184 to be resubmitted to OTCnet for processing.

Security Enhancements

  • Apache Log4j OLB updates: Resolved the following security vulnerabilities with Log4j version 2.17.1:

These updates have been implemented to the OTCnet Local Bridge (OLB), OTCnet Online and the Kiosk application (Production and QA (test) environments).

OLB version is the only OLB available for download to users as it is currently the most secure version. Fiscal Service strongly advises agencies to uninstall previous OLB versions and install OLB and Firmware 4.3.0.

  • Spring Framework upgrade: Addressed the following Spring Framework vulnerabilities:
    • CVE-2021-22096*
    • CVE-2021-22118*
      * Due to how the Spring Framework is used in the OLB, these vulnerabilities are mitigated in earlier versions of the OLB.

Last modified 03/03/22