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OTCnet Release 3.2 Overview

The Over the Counter Channel (OTCnet) Application Release 3.2 enhances the existing OTC Kiosk Tablet (Kiosk Tablet) by introducing Card Processing as a payment option.

Application Enhancements

Introduction of Card Processing for the OTC Kiosk Tablet

OTCnet Release 3.2 enhances the OTC Kiosk Tablet by introducing Card Processing, allowing customers to make payments using credit, debit, and gift cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express) independently of an agency representative. With the addition of Card Processing,  agencies will now be able to accept check and credit/debit card payments from the OTC Kiosk Tablet, further enhancing OTCnet to be the one-stop-shop for over-the-counter collections. Release 3.2 will introduce the following improvements:

  • Release 3.2 offers agency customers using the Kiosk Tablet the option to make payments using a credit, debit, gift card and will receive a printed receipt for approved, declined, and canceled card transactions. Card Processing for the OTC Kiosk Tablet will be supported by the Verifone MX 925 card terminal, which allows customers to swipe, insert, or tap their card when making payments. Customers will also be able to retry or cancel card payments at the card terminal for the Kiosk Tablet.
  • Additional enhancements for Release 3.2 include technology and database updates, such as an Oracle 19C upgrade and audit log functionality for the Kiosk Tablet.
  • Firmware 4.2 will be release and replace version 4.1 for OTCnet Online. We recommend as a best practice to upgrade to the latest version of firmware.

For more information on the OTC Kiosk Tablet, please visit the Getting Started: OTC Kiosk webpage at

OTCnet Domain Migration Planned for December 2020

As part of the Department of Treasury domain migration initiative, Fiscal Service is updating the OTCnet domain from to in December 2020. This initiative will be referred to as Domain Migration.

To ensure continued and uninterrupted OTCnet check capture functionality, OTCnet Online agencies using Microsoft Internet Explorer must add the new domain to their Local Intranet Zone site list for all workstations by December 2020. Agencies that elect to use Google Chrome as their OTCnet Online internet browser are not required to make this configuration update but will require version 1.3.0 or higher of the OTCnet Local Bridge (OLB).

Agencies using Internet Explorer and requiring access to OTCnet Check Capture in the QA environment will need to implement the Local Intranet Zone site list update by September 2020. The change involves adding the new domain to the Local Intranet Zone site list, ensuring that the asterisk wildcard is used (* If your agency prohibits the use of asterisk wildcards, the fully qualified domain name must be added for each environment requiring access (e.g. and/or

Please work with your IT Department as needed to implement these updates as soon as possible to ensure uninterrupted OTCnet check capture functionality after domain migration completes in December 2020.  Note that agencies only using OTCnet for deposit processing and reporting will not be impacted by the Domain Migration.   

Please Note: OTCnet Online check capture, OTCnet Offline, and Client Web Methods (OTCnet web service) users will all be uniquely impacted by the migration efforts. Separate transition plans will be provided for each user group.


Last modified 05/01/20