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OTCnet Release 3.5 Overview

The U.S. Treasury Bureau of the Fiscal Service (Fiscal Service) Over the Counter Division (OTCD) enhances the Over the Counter Channel Application (OTCnet) in Release 3.5 with a series of technical and security upgrades and the addition of a new OLB version: 2.4.0. These enhancements provide strengthened OTCnet security and operations across all OTCnet applications.

Application Enhancements

New OLB Version 2.4.0

OLB version 2.4.0 replaces OLB 2.3.0, becoming the only OLB available for download to users as it will be the most secure option. We highly recommend installing the latest OLB to ensure the latest security updates are included. OLB 2.4.0 provides important security updates, including:

Upgraded Code Libraries to the Latest Compatible Versions in OTCnet:
The code libraries will be upgraded in Release 3.5 to improve security and operation of the OTCnet application and serve as the foundation for the future OTCnet upgrade to Java 11.

Defect Fixes: OLB version 2.4 will also address defects related to printing when the OLB is restarted manually and using SiteKiosk for the OTC Kiosk Tablet to enhance the OTC Kiosk Tablet application security.

Enhanced OTCnet Databases

Release 3.5 also includes enhancements that will serve to improve application performance and reduce data storage issues and data retrieval issues. These upgrades include allowing the Archive database to store larger data values, adding automation to manual processes, mitigation of Image Unavailable issues caused by inefficient Archive database processes, and identifying tables in the database which qualify for data purging.

Additional Hardware Features

OTCnet approved check scanners connected to the workstation are now compatible with any available USB 3.0 port in addition to their current USB 2.0 functionality.

For more information on the latest security enhancements, please visit

Last modified 04/30/21