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OTCnet Release 3.4 Overview

The U.S. Treasury Bureau of the Fiscal Service (Fiscal Service) Over the Counter Collection Division (OTCD) is significantly enhancing the Over the Counter Channel Application (OTCnet) in Release 3.4 by implementing additional Personal Identifiable Information (PII) masking capabilities within Check Processing. In addition, Release 3.4 also introduces:

  • Manual card entry as a contingency option for Card Processing
  • A new OLB version (2.3.0)
  • 3.125 Inch (80 Millimeter) Card Receipt Printer Compatibility
  • Deployment of a new version of the Offline application (version 3.4.0)
  • Mobile Check Capture Phase1 support for future use of the FedRevCollect mobile application
  • Technical and security updates for OTCnet Online, Offline, and the OTC Kiosk Tablet

Application Enhancements

PII Masking

As part of the federal government’s continuing directive to protect, eliminate, and reduce the collection of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data, Release 3.4 adds masking capabilities within reports and pages of the Check Processing module for both the Online and Offline applications. Masking refers to the replacing of PII within User Defined Fields (UDFs) with asterisks (*) to ensure the protection of sensitive data. Release 3.4 adds default PII masking to reports and pages in Check Processing within the UDFs that were flagged in Check Forms as having PII. PII flagged UDFs will either:

  • Partially mask UDFs with PII data values of five or more characters so that only the last 4
  • characters are displayed (i.e. ********6789).
  • Entirely mask UDFs with PII data values of four or less characters. (i.e. ****).

Masking policy changes can be made at the lowest level endpoint and will be determined by a newly added checkbox in the Data Privacy Table in the Manage Organization page. With Release 3.4, the box will automatically be checked to mask PII, however the box can be unchecked to customize the desired masking policy. An audit log entry will also be added to record each time a user modifies an endpoint's PII masking policy, enabling the history of masking policy changes in OTCnet to be viewed.

Additionally, data masking policy selections made in OTCnet Online will be downloaded with the OTC endpoints to the OTCnet Offline application and the option to mask or unmask will only be available at the lowest level endpoint. More information on PII masking can be found on the OTCnet PII Information page.

Manual Card Entry

Release 3.4’s introduction of manual card entry is a contingency option that allows Card Operators to manually enter a customer’s card information by selecting a newly added Manual Card Entry button for circumstances only in which all other card payment methods fail, including swiping, tapping, or chip insertion.

New OLB Version 2.3.0

In order to facilitate the added manual card entry enhancements in this release, a new OLB version (2.3.0) for OTCnet Online and the OTC Kiosk Tablet will be available in Release 3.4. We highly recommend installing the latest OLB to ensure the latest security updates are included.

3.125 Inch (80 Millimeter) Receipt Printer Compatibility

The new OLB version 2.3.0 also provides compatibility with 3.125-inch (80millimeter) printers, offering Card Processing agencies the option to print standard-sized card payment and refund receipts to their customers. This printer compatibility will become available for Check Processing receipts in a future release.

Mobile Check Capture - Phase 1

Release 3.4 also initiates the development of Mobile Check Capture to OTCnet support through the FedRevCollect mobile application (Mobile Server). With Release 3.4, OTCnet will be able to receive and process Mobile check transactions from the Mobile Server. The OTCnet CIRA Query and the CIRA CSV Report will also be enhanced to provide users the option to solely retrieve Mobile transactions, however, agency onboarding activities will not be started until Mobile Phase 2 development is complete with interface to Collections Information Repository (CIR).

Remaining Enhancements

Several other enhancements are included within OTCnet Release 3.4, including technical and security updates for OTCnet Online, OTCnet Offline, and OTC Kiosk, and a new version of the OTCnet Offline application (version 3.4.0).

For more information on the latest security enhancements, please visit

Last modified 01/21/21