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Frequently Asked Questions: Education and Marketing

How is Treasury making recipients aware of their payment options, including the availability of the ETASM?

Over the last several years, Treasury and the federal payment agencies have frequently mailed information notices to check recipients about their payment options.

Treasury and the Social Security Administration also conducted a public education campaign that included a public relations campaign, public service advertising, and grassroots education and outreach.

In addition to information about the Debt Collection Improvement Act and the ETA, the grassroots component provided information on how to select a financial institution and account and how to use banking services.

A field network that included Treasury/Financial Management Service staff, regional managers, and community-based organization contacts was used in five regions to extend as far as possible the reach of this educational effort.

The network conducted "in-touch" seminars with check recipients, and staff met with local and grassroots organizations (such as neighborhood associations; senior citizen, disabled, and homeless organizations; and ethnic advocacy organizations) to equip them to lead educational seminars for their constituencies.

Through this effort, Treasury provided up-to-date information about policy decisions, outreach partnership opportunities, and available materials.

What role do federal agencies have in publicizing ETAs?

Under 31 CFR Part 208.7, Management of Federal Agency Disbursements; Final Rule, agencies must disclose the availability of the ETA as an alternate method of receiving payment to each individual eligible to receive a federal benefit, wage, salary, or retirement payment, and not already receiving payment by electronic funds transfer.

How can a financial institution receive free marketing materials for the ETA?

Contact the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas at (214) 922-5254, or by e-mail to Pubsorder@dal.FRB.org.

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