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Are You In Training for the Army, Air Force, or Marines?

Your EZpay card is issued by your Finance Office on base during your first days of training. Army and Air Force issue on day one, Marines issue day 3-5.

You should use your EZpay card for all purchases while in training. The EZpay card should be used before using an ATM card or writing checks.

If you complete training and still have a balance or are being discharged early simply go to the local on-base financial institution and they will cash out your card.

Marine trainees have a PIN associated with their EZpay card. If you forget your PIN simply go to your local participating merchant Point-of-Sale terminal or the Finance Office and have the manager re-set your PIN.

The EZpay card can be used at most merchant locations at the base. This includes Post Exchange, Military Clothing and various concessionaires.

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