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Holistic Approach

The Bureau of the Fiscal Service (Fiscal Service) has adopted a holistic approach with federal agencies to improve cash management practices government-wide.

Our goal is to establish a management framework for moving toward an all-electronic Treasury. The Revenue Collections Management (RCM) area within the Fiscal Service is responsible for collecting government revenue. RCM's goals are to:

  • offer collection mechanisms that are easy to use, convenient and secure
  • streamline the collection process
  • make full use of web and electronic technologies
  • manage the depositary services provided to federal agencies by financial institutions/agents
  • provide timely collection of federal government receipts

RCM works closely with federal agencies to develop a complete understanding of an agency's entire collection portfolio and recommends an integrated set of mechanisms to meet an agency's collection needs. Additionally, RCM establishes relationships in the chief financial officer's (CFO's) office to develop and administer the agency-wide holistic approach, rather than working with an agency on an individual program or ad hoc request basis. Throughout the entire process, all Fiscal Service program areas and agency representatives work cohesively to achieve the goals of all parties involved.

The specific methodology used to implement the holistic approach to collections is outlined below. The agency and RCM will:

  • establish overall agency-wide electronic collections goals and specific bureau-level metrics for each agency
  • develop a strategic collections plan, with the appropriate mix of collection strategies and implementation timelines
  • reduce the number of paper lockboxes and Treasury General Account (TGA) depositaries
  • develop targeted marketing strategies to convince remitters to move from check payments to electronic remittances
  • establish one agency participation agreement (APA) per agency that will incorporate each collection mechanism application

ARM will:

  • work with each federal agency from the CFO level downward through the bureaus and offices to develop a complete understanding of the agency's collections at all levels
  • serve as the central point of contact for agencies to ensure their needs are met
  • ensure coordination between the agency and other Fiscal Service program areas
  • work with the agency and the Fiscal Service to address issues that arise from time to time
  • meet regularly with the agencies' CFO offices to review progress in developing and carrying out the collections strategic plan

For additional information on the holistic approach, please contact your Agency Outreach customer relationship manager at arm@fiscal.treasury.gov

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