Release 2.7 Information and Resources

Release 2.7 Overview:

OTCnet release 2.7 aims to enhance user experience by introducing a configurable option for the batch list report, modifying the application’s duplicate check detection logic, and increasing the size of the Alternate Agency Contact Field.

A major change of this release is the addition of the functionality to remove archived transactional data older than 10 years.

Configurable Option for Batch List Report Printing

Previously, Check Capture Lead Operator and Check Capture Supervisor users were required to export or print the batch list report prior to closing or approving a batch.

In Release 2.7, OTCnet Online users can configure whether their agency location is required to print/export the batch list upon close or approval.

This configurable option is in the Manage Organization>Organization Hierarchy>Modify function, under Advanced Administration. In OTCnet Offline, the printing or the exporting of the batch list report is optional for all agencies during batch close or approval process.

Duplicate Check Detection Logic:

OTCnet's Online's duplicate check detection logic has been modified to decrease the number of duplicate checks sent for settlement to Debit Gateway. Agencies can review duplicate checks over a 30 day basis instead of 14 days during the check scan and batch upload process in OTCnet Online.

For Online check scan, the new logic validates that there are no duplicate checks present with an identical check amount and MICR line from the last 30 days.

Alternate Agency Contact Field:

Release 2.7 increases the size of the Alternate Agency Contact Field from 50 to 400 characters in the review deposit information section.

Users should utilize the Alternate Agency Contact field to enter the name, phone, and e-mail address for a point of contact in the event issues arise with the deposit after submission to the financial institution.

Functionality to Remove Transactional Data Older than 10 years:

Release 2.7 introduces the functionality to remove archived transactional data that has been stored in OTCnet for more than 10 years, to minimize the risk of exposing Personally Identifiable Information (PII), adhere to data retention policies, and maintain the operation of the archive database.

The removal of transactional data older than 10 years will take place in the future and users will be notified in advance. Transactional data older than 10 years will be subject to removal, except for data identified by Fiscal Service Records Management as under a current litigation hold.

Upon the removal of this data, the Check Image Report, CIRA CSV Historical Report, Deposit Historical Report, and Adjustment Historical Reports will no longer display this data, which includes all checks, deposits, voucher event log, audit log, and image data.

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