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Tools and Tactics

What Fiscal Service can do

  • Offer online bill payment

  • Roll out recurring ACH debit functionality on Pay.gov

  • Raise the position of electronic payment options and information on websites

  • Provide PayPal and Amazon Pay

  • Develop mobile applications

  • Mandate electronic payment

What agencies can do

  • Make electronic payment the default option when individuals and businesses sign up to pay

  • Educate payers on electronic options and benefits on invoices and envelopes

  • Set expectations for shorter service time with electronic channels

  • Increase the availability of Point of Sale (POS) card terminals

  • Use mobile technologies

How we can all communicate the message

  • Use websites, social media, e-letters, statement stuffers, and signage to send messages on the convenience of paying electronically

  • Include messages about electronic payment benefits and options on receipts payers get

  • Create fact sheets, videos, e-letters, and blog posts with appropriate messages

  • Send messages about the benefits and ease of adoption

  • Make a business case for recommended tools and tactics

  • Where appropriate, mail materials to current non-electronic payers

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